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    Briana Wisniewski posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    The journal and the first random act of kindness was passed out today, 12/30/15. Looking forward to meeting others who receive the journal!

    • Hi Briana!
      Can’t wait to see the ripple! What was your act of Kindness? Where are you from, and how did you learn of the book?

      • Hi Amy! And Happy New Year!

        I’m from King of Prussia, PA (about 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia). I received the journal from my cousin who was my matron of honor at my wedding as a Christmas gift. I honestly believe this is the best gift I’ve ever received for Christmas. I’m Catholic and Pope Francis recently decreed this year to be a Jubilee Year of Mercy, so I’ve been very focused on finding ways to spread kindness and extend mercy to others from all walks of life. The journal was an amazing way to help me start these random acts of kindness.

        I bought a $25 giftcard to Starbucks, decorated the journal and filled in the information. I was going to leave it with a cashier at the grocery store to give to the person behind me, but a guy followed me in line. So once I paid, and grabbed my receipt, turned to the customer behind me and said “This is a gift for you. Have a good new year.” And then I ran (I tend to be a bit shy around strangers, despite the fact that I’m a teacher).

        The guy was clearly surprised, and he was looking for me in the parking lot after he left the store, but I really wanted to stick true to what you talked about in the journal about not seeking adulation. I wrote in the journal that the reason for the act was “Because you deserve it”. And it’s true. We need to celebrate the humanness in all people. Whether he continues the journal or not, I hope his heart was moved in some way that day. But I’m praying the journal gets back to me!!

        Thank you (and Keryl) for creating such an amazing journal. It was truly moving and inspiring. I’m hoping to start a second one anonymously at my school.