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    Nicole gave me this book with the acupuncture gift and I was very overwhelmed- both by the gift, which is going to force me to take some time for me, and maybe even more so by the words that she wrote, which were so kind and uplifting. I have to say, Nicole picked a perfect day to spread some joy, as I have been lost in the craziness of the holidays, my daughter’s health issues and money worries. She reminded me that I need to take care of myself…at a time when I felt lowest. She helped me realize that I need to breathe. I decided to hand this book off to a family friend. Her name is Becca and her mom, who was also my friend, died earlier in the year. Becca has been so good to my and my children. She gets Marisa crystals, they talk of angels and meditation. She has taken my boys in years past, to the city for show openings and to the Empire State building. She is there, even when shes not and checks in with me often to make sure I’m ok. I dont have much money but I wanted to give her something special, so I gave her something I made, a summery and happy crocheted beachy type bag. Her mom was an avid crocheter also. I thought it would be something happy that she could connect with.