amy and keryl PIFF walkwayThis website was developed as a compliment to a book created by Amy Gopel and KerylShare-This-Journal-Front-Cover Pesce called “Share This Journal.”

How the book works:

This is a journal you can purchase, dedicate it (if you choose) in honor of, in memory of or to celebrate someone or an event, where you perform an act of kindness, record it and pass your journal along to the recipient of your kindness. The recipient then documents his or her reaction and then performs his or her own act of kindness, records it and passes the journal along. Your chain of kindness is documented, with the last person in the chain instructed to contact you and return to you, your completed journal.


About Amy and Keryl:

Amy is a domestic violence survivor who believes in the power of kindness toward others. When her daughter was 9 years old, Amy’s father in law who had been staying with them for his last days, passed away. Wanting to teach her daughter the power of our chosen responses to adversity, she collected all the flowers from the funeral, gathered her daughter and her friends, disassembled the arrangements and assembled small bouquets. She took the girls out into the community to gift away the flowers to random strangers. Upon encountering a women who began crying after being gifted flowers, Amy and the girls discovered the woman had recently lost a son and asked for a sign that he was OK. The next thing she knew, a young girl handed her flowers. It was in that moment of realization that we are all connected and kindness may not be so random after all, Amy came up with the idea for Share This Journal. Not knowing where to begin or how to create and publish her idea, the idea was tabled.

Until . . .

Amy share her idea with a mutual acquaintance who insisted Amy contact Keryl Pesce. Advising Amy that she was “golden” and would help her, Amy reached out. A published author herself and a believer in helping others bring forth their dreams to reality, Keryl jumped in to help Amy make it happen. While initially intending to be in the background and a facilitator, Amy didn’t let her tiny size stop her from insisting Keryl become a co-creator. You see who won.

We both believe that each one of us holds the power to create a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life and world through the simple yet powerful act of kindness.

At a time when what’s wrong with the world and the people in it is awarded more air time and attention than what’s right, we want to bring the goodness in all of us front and center.

If what we focus on expands, let’s focus on the good.

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