A Single Mom Brought to Tears
February 25, 2015

“I try to be so tough and so independent maintaining two homes and raising two kids on my own but it is not easy.”

Denise is a single mom of two who by all accounts, has her act together. You would think by talking to her and looking at her, that she’s strong, capable and has everything under control. And for the most part she does. She works hard to bring in an income, maintain her home, and provide for her children. So what would bring this mom to tears? A seemingly small act of kindness by her neighbor who she’s only met a few times. Without asking, he surprised her by plowing her driveway and shoveling her walk. It wasn’t until Denise had bundled herself up and prepared to handle yet another responsibility on her own, did she discover what her neighbor had done. And it brought her to tears. To think another person would do something unsolicited to make her life even a little easier touched her on a very deep level.

“After I gathered my composure, I walked over to him and said thank you. He replied “You’re very welcome.” No more words were necessary. He knew by the look on my face how much it meant.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Denise. and thank you to her neighbor for your kindness.

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