Pay It Forward Friday – Walkway
September 18, 2014
amy and keryl PIFF walkway

On a gorgeous autumn day in Poughkeepsie, NY, Amy and I got a little exercise and made our way to the center of the Walkway Over the Hudson (a former railroad bridge turned park that spans the Hudson River) to hand out free bottles of water to anyone who wanted one. What was really cool about the experience is we brightened the days of others whether they wanted water or not. Many people said “No thanks. I’m good, but I love what you’re doing.” Even a kind gesture spreads good feelings. We met a woman named Dolly who was turning 91┬áthe following Monday. Her son was pushing her in a wheelchair and as I handed her the water, she reached her arms up to hug and kiss me. Water . . . that’s all we were handing out. Something even┬áthat simple makes a difference. It was an awesome afternoon. We celebrated with after with a killer cheeseburger and glass of wine.


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